What is Honey Dipped Productions? 


Honey Dipped Productions is a company dedicated to artistically producing music and theatre that embodies the female voice with a specific focus on new and emerging works, queer narratives, and stories inclusive of women+ and artists of color.


What goes on?


Honey Dipped produces a variety of accessible art created and conceived by women. Previous projects include off-Broadway plays and musicals, poetry performance series, EP release concerts, staged readings, and art shows. Topics range from transatlantic affairs, sexual awakenings, sad thoughts on Valentine’s Day, things you feel in the morning time, encountering aliens, the end of the world, trying to be friends with your ex even though you know it’s a bad idea. In other words, relatable content. 

Who is making these shows?


Our company is owned and operated by two queer female performers turned creatives, Artistic DirectorHelen Huettner and Executive ProducerKelly Glenn. As needed, we fill out the rest of our team with a plethora of additional New York based artists, creatives, and theatre enthusiasts.

Why are you doing this? 


The Honey Dipped Girls believe by diversifying the voices within the artistic community and seeking to offer great artistic employment opportunities to rising female+ artists and creators, we are able to empower the voiceless, the curious, and the oppressed.


Why focus on hiring more female+ artists? 


Honey Dipped believes in feminist creation, without an all-male creative team. We believe our art deserves to be handled with the same complexity through which it was conceived.We believe there is a lot of performance art in New York and beyond without a home and without opportunity and we want to be that platform that gets this art on stage.


Should I become involved?



If you are an artist, or fancy yourself an artist, we are always looking for new talent and collaborators! Honey Dipped is more than a company; we are a community.

© Lauren Urso