Blue Maybe 

a play by Helen Huettner


New York City Performances 

Shetler Studios 

Friday September 7th & Saturday September 8th 2018

directed by Carl Glenn 
Cast: Rachel Schmeling and Andrew Ricci 

Regional Performances 


Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse Lancaster, PA 

Saturday February 9th 2019

directed by Max-Lorn Krause

produced by Kelly Glenn & Carl Glenn 

Cast: Rachel Schmeling and Andrew Ricci 


St. Louis Actor’s Studio St. Louis, MO

Tuesday April 16th 2019 

Cast: Helen Huettner and Spencer Sickmann  



Blue Maybe is set in an undisclosed, not too far off future, in a world that has entered a period called the Relegation, a time when we as a society have relegated ourselves to the reality our planet is going to die. The only two characters in the show, Tom and Jane, meet at the mailbox in their apartment building and fall in love. The entirety of the show takes place in Jane’s apartment, and details the way the world has changed the color of how we interact, fall in love, and build a family. 



A one-act play with 3 alternative endings, Blue Maybe while an overt commentary on environmental issues, is a not-so-subtle commentary on women’s reproductive rights.