Shapeshifter Lab 


October 20, 2018 

Brooklyn, NY 

Opener: Maura (album Seedlings, which can be found on Spotify)

Headliner: GOLDWOMAN (album, Second Nature, which can be found on Spotify)


Goldwoman, known as Rachel Goldman when she’s off stage, is a native New Jerseyan currently found floating somewhere between Brooklyn and Hartford, where she’s in her last year studying acoustical engineering and music at the University of Hartford. Her music touches on a mix of humorous and heartbreaking topics, with lyrics that have been described as “incredibly specific and often intensely personal.” Besides music, her passions include denim, non-dairy milk alternatives, airports, exposed brick, and film photography.


"The release party and show for my EP, which was sponsored by Honey Dipped Productions, was an incredible night. Working with HDP was a dream - they created a sanctuary for my music, communicated efficiently with the venue, handled promotion for the event, and truly made my vision come to life. It was a gift that I was able to fully focus on delivering a heartfelt musical performance, knowing that every other aspect of the night was being skillfully taken care of. HDP has provided a platform for my music, as well as given me an incredible community of women artists. I’m constantly inspired by their projects and am excited for future endeavors with them." - Rachel Goldman, GOLDWOMAN