Honey Dipped Apocalypse Girls

a play by Helen Huettner 


original music by Molly Rabuffo 
produced by Kelly Weaver Glenn 

casting by Kate Lumpkin 

choreographed by Meghan Faddis 



Cast: Theresa Rowley, Megan Lione, Alexis Floyd, Meghan Faddis* and Alex Prakken* 

Guitar: Kristen Eley 



Honey Dipped Apocalypse Girls: an indie guitar musical with poetic bite, inspired by letters exchanged between the playwright and her childhood friend chronicling a year in their young twenties. The first show of it’s genre, not only is this show written, composed and produced by the women upon whom the story is based, but and delves into the narratives of the women it represents to a voracious and authentic extent. 


Synopsis: Born out of a tenacity desiring a very different kind of life, Melanie, Shay, and Laura have left the small towns where they grew up for Copenhagen, Los Angeles, and New York City. Melanie finds herself across seas, embedded in a culture that isn’t necessarily welcome. A series of events, namely an affair with one of her professors, leads her to drop everything in the life she created in Denmark and move to New York. Melanie's fresh start allows her to explore her sexuality as she finds herself in her first lesbian relationship. Melanie's move brings her closer to her best friend, Shay who has recently left Los Angeles for their hometown of St. Louis, Missouri where the tattooed feminist finds herself contradicting everything she thought to be true about herself when she falls in love with a boy from her past. Laura, Melanie's first friend at her first job in New York, enters the inner circle of friends as she begins to explore the nuance of a new polyamorous relationship. 

Theresa Rowley

Megan Lione

Alexis Floyd

Meghan Faddis