Meet the Team

  • Helen (she/her) is Brooklyn based writer/director and the founder of Honey Dipped Productions. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Helen began performing at age 5 and has been working in theatre ever since. Her performance career eventually helped her move to the creative side, first writing and producing her own work in 2007. Helen is the playwright/director behind Honey Dipped Apocalypse Girls (Off-Broadway), which had its premiere in April 2018, and after which the production company is named. It was during this show that Helen discovered her passion for curating and executing artistic collaboration, and the production company exists as a label that can champion original work and celebrate artists across fields and identities in the arts. Further writing credits include Blue Maybe (NYC premiere 2018, Regional 2019) and Handstand (NYC premiere via zoom May 2020), The Honey Born from Loyalty (forthcoming). Helen is a published poet (Thought Catalog, Tart Magazine) and holds a Master’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen. 

Helen Huettner 



Kelly Glenn 



  • Kelly Mackenzie Glenn (she/her) is a New York based producer, marketing strategist, and young professional. She received her Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre from Oklahoma City University, but now spends most of her time working in IP and Entertainment Law as a paralegal. In addition to having extensive experience on stage and in the office, Kelly has spent time working in many aspects of the theatre. Kelly is the executive producer of Honey Dipped Productions, a company committed to supporting the millennial voice, and the co-founder of Throughline Creative Marketing, a company specializing in scalable marketing for Off-Broadway productions. Marketing credits include: Afterglow (Los Angeles), The Coop (Off-Broadway), Between the Bars (Off-Broadway), and more. Producer credits include: Single Rider (Off-Broadway), Honey Dipped Apocalypse Girls (Off-Broadway), Blue Maybe (Workshop, PA Run), Broadway Unlocked's yearly #giveback concert and more.