The Warriors 

a staged reading 

Friday January 25th, 2019 7:30pm 
Performance space at Metro Baptist Church 
410 West 40th Street 

New York, New York

tickets by donation 


a play by Evan Linder 
conceived by Mary Hollis Inboden

directed by Matt Redmond 
produced by Kelly Glenn and Brenna Helfer 

featuring Helen Huettner, Corbin Williams*, Tabatha Gayle*, Cole Critchell, Ella Mora* and Taylor Blackman* 



At 12 years old, Chicago actress Mary Hollis Inboden survived the Westside Middle School massacre, one of the most shocking events of the 90s. But who writes history when nobody’s the victor? In an honest and irreverent homecoming that mixes fact, fiction, identity, and history, Mary Hollis recruits an ensemble of her former classmates to help capture their stories, not of the tragic event that unites them, but of the daily battles and triumphs that define their present.

Tabatha Gayle

Cole Critchell

Ella Mora

Taylor Blackman